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Ribbet collage

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Issue.33 soon!

Current Releases : Two Issue of STARK-Magazine featuring selected art from the 2014 STARK Awards Competition.


Issue.32 | Current Release


The private dancer © Rodica Tanase

The private dancer copy

Beach industrialist © Luccah Photography


La panne – Belgique

Through Time © Vasilis Liappis


You may have noticed some changes

We are always excited to try and share new things and our community has always been great to provide honest feedback.  We admit there are limitations to the community platform.  One of the biggest drawbacks is the limited size of images that can be shown.  Accepting this truth, we decided to create a new way to feature artists and their amazing work so we launched a second platform.  We are trying to carefully integrate the current community with the feature site without harming the strong community already established.  There is much work to be done, but we hope you’ve enjoyed the beginning of this effort.

We also want to begin introducing some artists and art that may be unique to our community.  It’s always great to bring refreshing concepts and visions so you may notice some small changes although we will always remain committed and focussed on promoting creative and what we consider to be intelligent vision, encouraging artists to engage their environment in the present moment and to tap into their unique creative abilities.

Finally, we are working hard to improve the experience for Premium and PRO Members.  We are now using TinyPass to deliver access to the Digital PDF Magazine and other benefits.  The current platform as mentioned previously has made it difficult to integrate PRO Membership into the site.

We hope enjoy the new features and as always, feedback is always appreciated!

I’m also please to introduce the next Cover of STARK-Magazine, Issue.33

33 1000

symphony © jayanta roy


Venice–visitors Castello © roger branson


Endless Blue © Mats Reslow

Endless Blue

Headlands © Frederick Hansen


A small tribute to J.M.W. Turner.

Mary Magdalene Triptych-The Evolution of Spirit-3 © Jung-Chan Liao


This series is inspired by the allusion of “Mary Magdalene” from Bible. It symbolizes the transition of the role of female in history (from the image of “abandoned or fatal” to “neutral or spiritual”).

It could also indicate the struggle in the collective human’s souls. Unlike God, human beings are afflicted by many weaknesses. We often err and are driven by instinctive impulse and desires. Our souls are confined and held back by our bodies, unable to attain true freedom. On the other hand, unlike animals, we are also endowed with rationality and spirituality, the “Divinity” shared by God, allowing us to transcend the shackles of our physicality and liberalize us to the state of more divine existence.

Not Knowing © Carola Vanos


Not Knowing

You & Me © Gittan Beheydt


The Tree of Life © John Kosmopoulos

Tree Of Life-Colour-SZP-JK

The Holocaust Memorial, Berlin

revelation © SARA PAVICIC


Anima © Roberto De Mitri


© amazons


deep … being watched

Hymn © Michael O.A. Klapper

michael_oa_klapper_DSC_6326_bw_hymn“Hymn” (Svartifoss | Iceland 2014) is from my series: On days like these …
Inspirit by Barclay James Harvest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aPnFTFrg5k
The basalt columns give the Molodie of Hymn again. It can be the impact of the butterfly’s wing in the columns listening.
„Hymn“ (Svartifoss | Iceland 2014) ist aus meiner Serie: An Tagen wie diese …
Inspirit durch Barclay James Harvest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aPnFTFrg5k
Die Basaltsäulen geben die Molodie von Hymn wieder. Man kann den Aufschlag des Schmetterlingflügels in den Säulen hören.

“Abstract realities” © Serge Najjar

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Serge Najjar

Serge Najjar • An unexpected passion for photography arose in my life three years ago, where my interest grew for architecture; that created by Man, the other drawn through lines and light.

The «duel» and the complicity between Man and architecture is interesting because a human being in a picture brings at the same time warmth and scale to the architecture.This gives, in its turn, an abstract dimension to Man.

My aim in photography is to get as close as I can to abstraction.To draw with my camera the way we draw with a brush; seeing objects the way I want them to appear and not the way they actually are.

I always try to create with what lies before my eyes. Each vision becomes an artistic challenge.The eye listens. It reconstructs what it sees and a new world can be born at every blink of the eye.

Serge Najjar2

Serge Najjar3

Serge Najjar4

Serge Najjar5

Serge Najjar6

Serge Najjar7

Serge Najjar8

Serge Najjar9

Serge Najjar10

Comments welcome!

Specter in the fog © Sherry Akrami

Specter in the Fog


the escalator © Markus Studtmann


The 19th Hole © Andy Bitterer


It’s a little bit ironic that this building in Ortigia, Sicily, hosts the “Facoltà di Architettura di Siracusa.”

THE CUBE – Block © Allan Borebor

DSCF0718psd-3My first time to shoot the structure. I am amazed by the architectural design and its simplicity. The strength of the structure coincide with my vision of light and motion to the image.

torch © Leonidas Kanellos


The faint lighting of the torch,  of the man looking for sea shells.

ART of the Week [Lonely Mountain] © alexandru crisan


[my romania] [landscape] banat.mehedinti.romania.

Rainy Day © Andreas Heumann


Reaidda © Alain Baumgarten


Lapland, Sweden

autumn © ruben redondo


Minimal Fuerteventura © Paolo Pettigiani

IMG_5475 (1)

ARTIST Note | During a trip to Fuerteventura have been inspired by this island so flat and gray in strong contrast to the powerful colors of the ocean and the construction. I decided to give this vertical cut to the photos because every element seems very small and far away, the horizon is always low and small in comparison to the vastness of the sky.


IMG_5694 (2)


Lift on the Left © Klaus-Peter Kubik


….. © abi Danial


Storm over Dunstanburgh Castle © ronnie baxter


Dunstanburgh Castle from Embelton Bay

Cold and lonely beach, Westende, Belgium, 2014 © Jan Beernaert

Cold and lonely beach, Westende, 2014

Architecture With Some Green © Bernd Walz


Detail of one of the newly built Masters Houses at the Bauhaus, Dessau, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany

a slice of light. © Solon Malkas

SliceOfLight-1 (1)

Life’s a beach ~ 3 © Dave Quince

life beach

Tree under dark Clouds © Stefan Baeurle

Tree under dark Clouds

South of San Jose, California.

Mood bluish © Vladimir Zachoval

Susarna_StarkMagazine (1 of 1)

Dune Path © Kerstin Arnemann

Dune Path Stark Magazine (1)

Dunes have fascinating shapes and occur in different shapes and sizes, formed by interaction with the flow of air or water. This photograph has been taken during the golden hours, and I was fascinated by the brilliance of the serpentine ridge, footsteps and hollows.

vessel © Vasilios Liappis


A shipwreck, located in the industrial area of Athens, Elefsina, a sacred city of the past, where it was mostly known for mystic rituals, nowadays decays in the shadow of economic crisis, but life still exists, even on the ruins of the past and the present.

Make No Little Plans © Angie McMonigal

Angie McMonigal Photography-0733

Vital Signs © Michael Salmela

Vital Signs-for Stark-Michael Salmela_

.i see things . © Nicola Davison Reed NDR


Human’s sorrow for lost Nature © Ricardo Da Cunha


Human nature pays respect and shows sorrow for a sad lone standing tree.

The Light of the Lord © Michael O.A. Klapper


‘Age of Innocence’ © Zoya Gregory

Age of Innocencea0001_1 (1)

Inspired by the novel and the film of the same name.
“Each time you happen to me all over again.”
― Edith Wharton, The Age of Innocence

Principe Felipe Science Museum © Philip Gunkel


City of Arts and Science, Valencia 2012

Arcachon France / Blue silence © Salah BOUANANI


© Sonali Dalal​




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Silhouettes © George Digalakis


San Francisco Pass © horacio di nunzio

EA115315 stark magazine invit

The San Francisco pass connects the Argentinian province of Catamarca with the Atacama Region in Chile. It ascends from 4,938 ft to a deep valley at 13,000 ft with mountains of 16.000 feet.

The Sails © Matteo Pedalà


Absorption © Mihai Florea


Into Light © Andreas Paehge


Far from the Madding © Marie-Claude Siméon Couillard

Above the crowd-Modifier

Stutthof Gas Chamber © Peter Brandejsky


With more than over 85.000 casualties, Stutthof was the first concentration camp outside of German borders and the last to be closed down in 1945. The camp had its main use for experiments and kill purposes and was under Gestapo control. In 1944 a gas chamber was added, like in Auschwitz-Birkenau Zyklon B was filled inside a little hole through the top. Soon after opening, a fire broke out and the gas chamber was closed. A nearby sealed train wagon was used as a replacement.

In 1945, the soviet army reached the border of the camp, but most of the remaining prisoners were already sent to death marches or shot and drowned in the nearby sea, before the camp could be closed down.

Stutthof was planned to be much bigger and prepared to be increased after the Nazi regime started their attack on the Eastern Front.

A Road to Nowhere © Sherry Akrami

A Road to Nowhere

STARK Awards Special Issues

Two new Issues of STARK-Magazine featuring artists received honorable mentions in the 2014 contest and another issue featuring many artists having submitted to the contest, enjoy!

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HM Issue 800

Special Issue800

Early morning frost © Neil Hulme


Shape of Sound II © Kerstin Arnemann

Shape of Sound II

silent spaces © Emilian Chirila

silent spaces

this is a night cityscape with plenty of fog

Designer Mirror © Andreas Heumann

B0007P 0046

The woman is standing behind a stretched plastic foil.
The “mirror” is a illusion.

the stream of my childhood…new water © Kuki Walsch


© Suzan Armağan


‘ECLIPSE’ © Zoya Gregory



© Christian Bremer

DSC_4825 KopieSTK

© John Kinch


© Mihai Florea


Featured © Julia Anna Gospodarou

MK3_0056_flattened PSB_2048px

Fluid Time II – Utopian Connections | An (en)Visionographic Chicago Story – Tilt-shift blur & Long Exposure

Tilt-shift blur & Long Exposure. A series about the connections between parallel realities or parallel worlds existing inside our own reality and where I use the tilt-shift blur as a symbolic element to suggest this connection between worlds that normally wouldn’t be able to connect.

Art of the Week [the lightbox] © Markus Studtmann

© frank.hoefs

© Emilian Chirila

© Jan Beernaert

© Zoya Gregory

© Frodi Brinks


Featured [LightBoxVisitor] © KPK


Featured [Heron in the mist] © Vulture Labs


Featured [interstellar] © Jayanta Roy



click cover to experience1415982987111

Featured © Yucel Basoglu

Featured © Kristian Franklin


ARTIST Choice [Spiral City] © Mohammad Rafiee

November | Past winners


Featured [Là-haut, study I] © Arnaud Bathiard


Guillemins Fine Art © Arnd Gottschalk

Exclusive first look

a Fine Art Project by Arnd Gottschalk

I’ve been fascinated by Calatrava’s Euro Liège TGV station since I saw it for the first time. That was way back in 2007/8 when it was built. I went there the day it opened, and came back regularly since it is only a one hour drive from the place where I live. I took pictures whenever I went there, in summer and winter, at day and by night. This building actually lit my enthusiasm for architectural photography.

Parallely, I improved my skills. I learned a lot from talented artists, most of them posting their pictures at Stark Magazine (among other platforms, of course). They were willingly to share not only their passion, but also their skills. Developing a vision for fine art black and white architectural photography was a part of my learning process (which, by the way, is far from being completed …).

So, the idea of the series was to apply the ideas of fine art photography to this building. This is quite a difficult task because the idea of “reducing” the pic doesn’t work with interior views. I had to find places and angles where you can use the roof as a guiding line.

GFAP_12_final_1800GFAP_11_final_1800 GFAP_05_final_1800 GFAP_04_1800 GFAP_03_final_1800 GFAP_01_final_1800

more art from the Artist | Stark-Magazine500px

screenshot-www.stark-magazine.com 2014-11-19 11-16-09

Featured [Peace – II] © Waheed Akhtar


Beyond the Click [‘Stairway to Heaven…’] © Zoya Gregory


Artist – inspired by Led Zeppelin

Featured [lost…] © Emilian Chirila


Cover Issue.32


Featured [Fading shadows] © Gabriel Bistriceanu


Featured [Lake Gunn Composite] © Ricardo Da Cunha


© Martin Hardman

beyond the edge : skirting the common bounds of creativity


our intent : STARK-Magazine

logo250Every once in a while, I get an email or comment about STARK-Magazine being too much of this or too much of that or we need to go in a different direction.  Now I love feedback and its ALWAYS welcome and appreciated and at times, it’s been very helpful to the evolution of STARK-Magazine.  However, I wanted to take this opportunity to share my simple thoughts on our community and what we are trying to accomplish.

First, all creative artists are welcome to join STARK-Magazine.  I will never tell an artist their art is right or wrong or not welcome as long as they are not hurting others.  I also understand artists may come and go, they may like the art shared on STARK-Magazine or they may prefer another site or maybe they are active in several communities.  I see nothing wrong with this.

My goal with STARK-Magazine was and is to create a community where all artists are welcome and encouraged to live in the moment, tap into their own creative spirits, to create and we hope share.  Focussing more on our own abilities and less on pleasing others, has huge benefits in my opinion.  It’s great to learn from others, to appreciate the work of others, but it’s incredibility important to be connected with our own unique abilities.  In the process, STARK-Magazine has become a POSITIVE community where criticism and negativity are rare.   We understand each artist is unique.

Now, we do promote and publish art, but we don’t consider this to be a judgement on any artist.  Every person has different tastes and I see nothing wrong with this.  Different communities promote different art and artists.  We all want our art to be seen, to be published and to be appreciated.  However, I would rather artists, to include myself, to focus less on the amount of attention we get and focus more on tapping into our creative being.  I’ve often thought about those artists having created unappreciated masterpieces during their lifetime only to become famous after death.  They created something so personal, so unique, it took years for their work to be fully appreciated and understood.  If we focus on popularity, we will likely create something less unique to our own abilities and fail to truly create something true to ourselves.

We are all in this world together, connected, sharing through our creativity.  STARK-Magazine is a celebration of that creativity and interconnectedness.

Jason Lowry

Featured [Sign] © George Digalakis


Featured [“Brolly” – Brooklyn, New York] © Simos Xenakis


Featured [by the light] © Nathan Wirth


Featured [Somebody is watching me] © KPK


Featured [blue hour] © Teruo Araya


ARTIST Choice October [Reaidda] © Alain Baumgarten


Interview w/ © Anna Niemiec

Thank you to the artist for allowing us to help with translation.  We made very few changes to ensure the intent of the artist was intact.

You seem drawn to patterns, to shapes, colors, how has your artistic vision developed over time?


How often life decides our direction, where we end up.  Early on,  I was fascinated with the beauty of nature and this was my focus for some time. In the morning, when I left my daughter at school, I went for a walk over the picturesque, urban lake. Morning fog, fall colors, leaves …. I knew every twig and stone. After some time, it became boring. I felt unsatisfied. This changed unexpectedly, when the my daughter went to high school and I had to go with her to the city center. I got the chance to go on walks with my camera, I went into the streets of Szczecin.….I discovered another world of photography. Yes, this was the place for me. The streets, windows, stairs, paths, walkways, walls – endless shapes, patterns, colors, lights and shadows of the city… And the ever-changing strangers. People, who during three seconds, created an unforgettable photographic moment and with pleasure, I started looking for sharp colors, rhythm, geometry, lines and belts. My eyes are drawn to these things and work like this.  I focus on the simple, but at the same time surprising. For example: a fragment of a wall, upside-down, which begins to live his own life and in spite of everything pleasing to the eye. Shadow of the stairs on the façade, that creates an unusual abstraction. Cloud or trace of the plane, which complement the usual elements of architecture… But… This is just the beginning of my photographic journey. I’ve only been shooting for four year and I’m not sure my style has fully developed…


When someone looks at your photography, what do you want them to see or experience?

Life has taught me to enjoy the little things. So my photography is the joy of ordinary things. Little need to be happy in life. Just see the beauty in what is at hand. Appreciate what you have and have fun.

I do a lot of photos of my city landscape. Watching the citizen of Szczecin, , and I’m glad, when they say: It’s impossible, this is my town ??? !!!

Pick one of your images and tell us about the experience, where it was taken and some details about why you captured the image and shared.


I had not passed through an area in a few months. It was one of the many supermarkets in my town . When I saw the change in design, I knew I’d be back to visit very quickly. With a camera, of course. The huge plane, made ​​of narrow slats covered the old facade . Impatience led me to this place on the next day. Endless colorful stripes .. My favorites… In my head full of ideas. WOW! The man with a slat on the background of “my” strips! I fire the shutter and in the corner of my eye I see a security guard. This does not bode well. The big man comes up and says: THERE IS A BAN ON PHOTOGRAPHING! ” That is ridiculous, I’m not doing anything wrong!” – I was indignant. The discussion lasts a long time, but my arguments do not help. This is private property, I have nothing to say…. Upset, disappointed, sad I’m leaving in the direction of the car. I  look with sorrow for my “Photographic Eldorado” …. Suddenly my eyes see a road sign – arrow, regulating traffic in the parking lot. How beautiful it looks on the background of colored lines! Yes, it’s the “right direction”. I raise the camera and take a photo. One shot. One press of the shutter button. Bodyguard runs in my direction. I’m running so quickly to the car. Almost like a James Bond ….

Tell us something about yourself that has nothing to do with photography?

I live in Poland, in Szczecin (100 km from Berlin). I have a magister scientiae degree in biology. I worked a long time in the Marine Fisheries Institute, as ichthyologist. I meant under the microscope ichtioplankton and zooplankton. But my life has not turned out according to plan. I had to resign from my job. Care of two disabled, very sick children is hard work, sacrifices and struggle against. And that taught me to enjoy the little things. The most important for me is my family – husband, son and daughter. There is also a dog – Majk. A photograph? This is my … Oasis ….


more art by Anna


Featured [it’s not a dream,it’s a nightmare] © Jayanta Roy